Japan Earthquake: Time Out Tokyo Tweets the Aftermath

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“The first shaking started about 30 minutes ago. It still hasn’t stopped. I’m writing this from the Time Out office… Across the road there’s a tenement block. It’s swaying horrifically – so much so, in fact, that it looks like a miniature, as though it’s been subjected to tilt shift photo technology. I can’t quite compute seeing a building doing that.”

This is a passage from the blog of Time Out Tokyo. The global lifestyle publication is providing a different kind of public service post-quake, live tweeting updates on the aftermath of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that shook Japan Friday afternoon.

(More on TIME.com: “Tsunami 101: How Asia is Prepping for the Waves.”)

The following are excerpts from their Twitter stream. Time Out hasn’t stopped tweeting since the quake shook the nation, detailing the news of its destruction and aftermath in a clear, concise fashion — while managing to remain optimistic.

Tweets from Saturday:

The clock says 1am. If you want more reports tomorrow, you must forgive us a short sleep. Try not to rock too hard tonight, Japan!

-Hold onto your hats!

Fascinating to watch the NHK news anchors reacting to the earthquake alerts sounding around them. They don’t look very sure of themselves.

-Iwate Prefecture broadcasting earthquake warning now.

-This from our music & nightlife editor: ‘It looks like nobody feels like partying in Tokyo tonight.’ The following clubs are closed…

-Tsunami expected along coast of Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima. The waves 2m [6.5ft] high. If you’re in those areas, evacuate to higher ground.

-To clear up Tokyo power cut news: Tepco says they expected power usage to peak between 6 and 7pm, and are trying to manage it.

(More on TIME.com: See the chaos in the typically orderly nation)

Tweets from Friday:

-Earthquake rocks Tokyo, 7.9 on the Richter Scale at the epicenter. Buildings reported to be burning in Odaiba. 3m tsunami warnings.

-Extremely strong aftershocks being felt. Alarms going off. Reports coming in of trains swaying in their tracks. Everyone in streets.

-Unconfirmed reports that tsunami has hit Iwate, washing trucks into the sea.

-We’re hearing that 8 fires have broken out across Tokyo. Kudan Kaikan roof has collapsed.

-The scariest thing about this earthquake is that highlighted how few people know what to do.

-Japan earthquake considerably stronger than that in Christchurch. Phones still down, but damage thankfully low.

-Last year the British Embassy in Tokyo gave us these earthquake prep guidelines. How prepared were you?

-Japan earthquake report update: pay phones have been made free so that people can phone home.

-Tokyo is moving again. Google has launched a people finding service.

-Japan earthquake report: Disturbing news coming in off the radio that Disneyland is quickly flooding.

-‘Everyone is sitting really quietly, almost as if they expect to be able to hear the next quake hit.’

-Haneda Airport is partially closed. Halls are being opened around Tokyo for people to gather and share news.

-Thousands are stranded in Tokyo as public transport is disrupted. Public spaces have opened to provide shelter.

-Aside from the public shelters, free drinks and phone charging are on offer from Suntory and Bic Camera.

-3 cheers for Butagumi Shabu An (shabu shabi shop) who is handing out free curry and rice to stranded commuters!

-Hurrah for Eiji Press (Ebisu), now offering shelter. We’re loving the camaraderie in this town tonight!

(More on TIME.com: See photos of the devastation in Japan)

See TimeOut Tokyo’s Twitter stream for more updates.