Adventures in Product Placement: Ke$ha Releases Thousands of Custom Condoms

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Sure, we could say that America’s favorite Jack-swigging, garbage bag-wearing pop star is the poster girl for reckless behavior. But at least this time she’s encouraging you to don something besides glitter when you head to the bedroom.

That’s right, Ke$ha wants you to wear a condom. You might be wondering, with all the boys that are blowing up her phone, phone, does Ke$ha herself practice safe sex? As the latest celeb to strike a deal with LifeStyles, we certainly hope so.

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On her latest Get $leazy tour, the pop singer swapped the glitter out of her famed glitter cannon and filled it with customized condoms instead. While getting hit with a bunch of condoms decorated with Ke$ha’s face might not be NewsFeed’s idea of a good time, she explained her logic to MTV: “I want people to feel involved and hopefully leave covered in sweat and glitter, maybe beer and hopefully on a mission to get laid afterwards… I hope I can inspire people to want to get laid.”

At least this way the only thing you’ll produce after a wild night is some puked up glitter. (via TMZ)

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