Video: Tsunami Waves Flood Japan’s Sendai Airport

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The tsunami that washed across Japan on Friday completely deluged the Sendai airport, turning runways to rivers. And it was all caught on camera.

The Sendai airport is located in the Miyagi Prefecture, in the northeast area of Japan, close to the epicenter of the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that sparked the tsunami. Reports and photos from the area showed that the airport was almost completely underwater, save for the watchtower, which can be seen above the water level.

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No airplanes can be seen along the tarmac, as they’ve either been covered by the water or washed away by the devastating waves.

While the Sendai airport is small, boasting only four floors and eight jet bridges, it has been heavily damaged by the quake and tsunami. Travel into Japan today has been effectively halted as Tokyo’s airports canceled all Transpacific flights, and travelers have been asked to seek re-accommodation options. (via Discovery News)

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