The New Lent Diet: No Food, Just Beer

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Getty images/James Ross

Most people give up addictions like chocolate and alcohol for Lent. But not this “health-conscious” Iowan. He’ll be giving up everything for Lent — except for beer.

Newspaper editor J. Wilson will be drinking four servings of beer a day, which adds up to 1,200 calories, and will be monitored by a doctor. The newspaper editor first came up with the idea when he discovered that Franciscan monks lived on a special high-carbohydrate beer during Lent. And he told CBS he wants that religious experience too.

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Although Wilson believes he’s health-conscious, he can’t imagine how he’ll survive without donuts.  “I had six yesterday,” he said. For Williams, getting drunk isn’t on the agenda. It’s all about the spiritual journey. But do we trust a man who has six donuts in a day and claims he’s healthy?

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