Hipster Hunter Sets Cardboard ‘Trap’ in New York City

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Courtesy Will Simon

Because making fun of hipsters was so last year.

Sure, we all love to dish out the hipster hate, but two artists in New York are taking things to a whole new level by setting traps to catch the not-so-rare breed. Will Simon, known as Reddit user gigaface, spotted artists Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine setting a “hipster trap” in the East Village, near 6th Street and Avenue A (though, if these hunters know their prey, hopefully they were smart enough to set traps in Brooklyn too).

To catch a real, live hipster Greenspan and Fine baited a “steel jaw trap” made of cardboard with hipster faves: a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, a pack of American Spirit cigarettes, a bike chain and neon pink Wayfarers.

But, of course, the joke is on the hunters. Any hipster worth their salt would have heard about the trap long before it was set.

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