Rebecca Black’s Bizarrely Bad Video for ‘Friday’: Is This For Real?

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This weekend the internet was mainly transfixed on the disaster in Japan, and rightly so. On a lighter note, there were those who were obsessed with South by Southwest. But amid all the real news, you might just have heard about the Internet’s other weekend obsession: Rebecca Black and her hilariously dreadful video for “Friday”.

What makes this song and video so bad? Rebecca Black is an innocent-looking teen with a Selena Gomez-esque look. And “Friday” seems like a catchy pop song about a teenage girl’s excitement over the weekend, which is pretty standard teen pop fare and not exactly a place you’d look for profound lyrics. But once you listen to the lyrics, you start to realize what a train wreck we’re really dealing with.

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For starters, there’s the opening verse, which is just a straight up narration of what Rebecca’s morning routine consists of (“Gotta get down to the bus stop/ Gotta catch my bus/ I see my friends”). Then there’s Rebecca’s apparent obsession with choosing a spot in the car, which also adds the song’s riveting central conflict (“Kicking in the front seat/Sitting in the back seat/ Gotta make my mind up/ Which seat can I take?”). But the song’s lowest point (albeit its most hilarious) is when Rebecca literally just sings the days of the week (“Tomorrow is Saturday/ And Sunday comes afterwards”).

Yikes! Clearly, we’re dealing with a whole new level of bad. According to Black Book, the song comes from a company called Ark Music Factory, which is based in L.A. and seems to specialize in teen girl pop music–their website has a whole roster of laughably bad teen pop videos.

It’s not apparent if “Friday” was intended to be a parody of a pop song or not (we doubt it, though we¬†really hope it was), but it would definitely be in Rebecca and Ark Music Factory’s best interest to make like it was all along. After all, the video has already been viewed more than 2 million times; it’s out there and it’s a joke, whether that’s how it was intended or not. And seeing how it’s available as a ringtone and soon to be available on iTunes, we don’t see it going away anytime soon. Sure, Rebecca Black won’t be the next Miley Cyrus (though that’s not a bad thing) but she could have a future in comedy. (via Black Book)

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