Ride Along With Will and Kate: Google Plots out Royal Wedding Route in 3D

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Chris Jackson / Getty Images

Whatever will they think of next?

Google need not worry about offering the soon to be married royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, a wedding gift for they have given the world a present that is bordering on truly special. Hold on to your (wedding) hats as the Internet behemoth has plotted out the route that the royals will take on April 29.

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Using 3D technology, Google has digitally mapped out the parts of London which will be fortunate enough to have the future king and queen of England on its patch during the special day. To that end, we’re treated to the likes of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Parliament looking pretty realistic — don’t look too carefully at those trees! — all sound tracked by “Here Comes the Bride,” (millions of cheering tourists sadly not seen.)

It’s harmless fun, of course, culminating in the camera leaving Buckingham Palace, swooping back into the sky, showing London in all its glory. And make sure you stayed tuned for the post-credits sequence, where we see the newlyweds’ utterly thrilling packing for the honeymoon. (via Good)