Ahoy! Massachusetts Allows Voters to Register With Pirate Party

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Courtesy Massachusetts Pirate Party

While the party’s political stance isn’t related to mayhem on the high seas, the name alone is enough to sway us.

Mateys in the Bay State can now jump ship from the mainstream political parties and join the officially recognized Pirate Party. Though in the interest of clarity, the “pirates” are ones of the LimeWire persuasion – not the Caribbean.

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The Massachusetts Pirate Party lobbies for open government, personal privacy (especially on the Internet), and copyright reform. The group is a division of the Swedish-born Piratpartiet, which launched an international discussion about copyright law. With millions turning to the Web for media, the group has found a previously unfilled niche in the political landscape.

NewsFeed hopes that the new members of the Pirate Party realize they won’t be plundering and pillaging. But the group’s initiatives could help all of us enjoy greater freedoms online. That leaves us with just one question: arrrrr you going to register with the Pirate Party, Massachusetts NewsFeeders?

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