Presidential Picks: Who’s Advancing on Barack Obama’s Bracket?

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Is the nation’s leader also the nation’s best bracket maker? Only time will tell.

President Obama picked Kansas as the NCAA men’s basketball tournament champion 2011, defeating Ohio State in the final game. “I think Kansas has more fire power,” he explained, selecting the same team to go all the way as last year. Duke and Pittsburgh rounded out the President’s Final Four. Obama said this is the first time he’s selected all No. 1 seeds to advance.

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This is the president’s third consecutive year making an NCAA tournament bracket in office. His first year, he correctly picked North Carolina for the win. Last year, he wrongly chose Kansas to go all the way. Still, 1-1 ain’t bad.

Beginning last year, the President also makes a women’s bracket. So far, he’s picked Baylor, Stanford, UConn and Tennessee to advance to the Final Four. His complete women’s bracket will be released at 9 a.m. (ET) Friday on ESPN’s SportsCenter.