You Wanted This, America: Charlie Sheen’s Live Tour Adds More Dates

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“This IS where you will hear the REAL story from the Warlock. Bring it. I dare you to keep up with me.” Here’s the thing: that’s not even in the top 10 crazy comments Charlie Sheen has made this month.

But if you somehow manage to snag a ticket to his live show, be prepared to hear much more just like it. The embattled actor announced further dates to his “My Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour, which starts in Detroit on April 2nd. Both that and the second show in Chicago (April 3) sold out within minutes of going on sale and no doubt it will be a similar story for the gigs in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, Boston, Connecticut and at New York’s Radio City Music Hall between April 5-12.

Tickets range from $47 to $109.50, with Sheen promising to donate $1 from each ticket to the Red Cross’s Japanese earthquake relief fund. TMZ reported that Sheen broke a Ticketmaster record with how quickly the tickets were sold. Inevitably, Sheen took to Twitter, writing, “Fastball; Detroit/Chicago sold out in minutes … Thanks to Sheen’s Cadre..! #WINNING c”

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Not much is known about what a night out with Mr. Sheen will hold, beyond the description on Ticketmaster: “Will there be surprises? Will there be guests? Will there be mayhem? Will you laugh? Will you scream? Will you know the truth?”

But if he does delve into his recent backstory, he certainly won’t be lacking for material. He was, of course, infamously fired by Warner Bros. from Two and a Half Men (Warner Bros is owned by Time Warner, which is also the parent company of TIME) and has been ranting about a range of issues on air and Twitter, to say nothing of his highly publicized marital, legal and substance abuse problems.

For now, the wild Sheen roadshow is in full swing: he dares us to keep up with him and that’s exactly what we’re doing. But what happens if (or indeed when) it all comes to a crashing halt?

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