Reading While Eating for March 16: Tiny Cameras, Irish Blessings, Dinosaur Kids

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A woman walks away from a message wall after writing a message to the victims of last week's earthquake and tsunami in Japan in central Seoul March 16, 2011.

REUTERS/Truth Leem

Thursday’s links include a frightening sneeze and advice for making your bracket.

Itty Bitty Cameras: You may think the camera inside your phone couldn’t be more convenient. But now there are cameras the size of a grain of salt. (Discovery News)

March Madness Tips: Think your bracket will win your office pool this March? See how a pro ranks the teams.

Liking > Tweeting: A new study shows that liking is more profitable than tweeting. One ‘like,’ on average, generates $1.34 compared to one ‘tweet,’ generating 80 cents. (Mashable)

Fake Irish Blessings: Ever wish onto someone that the wind would style their hair in an unexpected way? Maybe you would appreciate some suggestions from this list. (Daily What)

Last Images: Last week, four New York Times journalists went missing in Libya. See the last photos seen of the team. (LIFE)

Costume Overload: Think your kid makes a cute dinosaur? You just might regret those costume choices later. (Urlesque)

Slainte!: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with five facts about Guinness Stout. (AOL News) Don’t like beer? Try one of these five green drinks.

Must See: Few things are as scary to a baby as their mom blowing great gusts of wind out of their nose (read: sneezing). (BuzzFeed)