Super Creepy App Allows You To See Your Facebook Friends ‘Naked’

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This takes Facebook stalking to a whole new level of creepy.  

FalseFlesh is imaging software that claims to “easily make ANY picture a nude picture in minutes”, offering users a way to get past the nuisance of clothing when they’re trying to perv on their friends and acquaintances online.

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The software allows you to take photos from online social networking sites and edit out the clothing, revealing the body parts underneath. Except that the body parts won’t actually be the lucky subject’s real body–the software provides a “large stockpile of prefabricated images.” You can also customize said body, adjusting the type and, we presume, size, to whatever you wish.

Is your skin crawling yet? Wait until you read the user testimonials–which isn’t actually recommended, by the way. Though the app is clearly being marketed towards men–the photos on the website are of women–don’t think you’re totally safe here, guys. According to the stories on the FalseFlesh’s site, women want to use this software as well, especially when exacting revenge on ex-boyfriends.

As Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon rightly points out, it’s really just a poor man’s version of Photoshop, but marketed in the creepiest way possible.

Which is disturbing in so many ways, but it’s especially bad considering the rise in cyber bullying. We can only imagine how this app could be used as a tool in tormenting unsuspecting Facebook friends (“friend” being used in the loosest way possible here).

Hear that noise? That’s the sound of women everywhere rushing to delete their creepiest acquaintances from their friend list. (via Salon)

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