Bad News ‘Bear’: Giant Panda Attacks Zookeeper

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Bai Yun the panda. Getty Images.

If you’re feeling like everything you’ve ever known about pandas has turned out to be a lie, trust us, you’re not alone.

Bai Yun, one of three giant pandas at the San Diego Zoo, reportedly pushed her way through a gate separating her from her keepers on Sunday. She then attacked, biting a keeper’s leg, all the while clawing.

Although the incident lasted a mere 30 seconds, the keeper (whose identity hasn’t been released, reports the L.A. Times) was “‘severely injured” and the whole event is being classified as an attack. Yikes!

Also from the Times‘ story: “Despite their cuddly appearance, pandas, in the wild or in captivity, are known for quick changes of temperament that can lead to aggressiveness, zoo officials said.” Tell us about it. (via L.A. Times)

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