Woolly Windsors: Best-Selling Guide Lets You Knit the Royal Wedding

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It took Waity Katie nearly 10 years to pry a marriage proposal out of Prince William. But he can be yours in just five hours.

That’s how long it takes to knit the future king following the instructions set out in Fiona Goble’s book Knit Your Own Royal Wedding. So popular is the how-to-guide that Amazon.co.uk has struggled to keep pace with orders: the book has climbed to #9 on the site’s best-seller list, and is outperforming offerings from publishing powerhouses Stieg Larsson and Kazuo Ishiguro.

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The book costs £9.99 ($16). But in order to bring all the characters to life—including the Queen, her corgis, Camilla Parker Bowles and the Archbishop of Canterbury—knitters will need to fork out around £80 ($129) for yarn and other supplies.


“Kate was the hardest for me to create because she is pretty,” Goble told the Daily Mail. “They’re not supposed to be caricatures. Some of the others have more obvious features…Harry was the easiest – he has small eyes and a long face. And Rowan Williams because he has very distinctive wild hair and glasses.”

NewsFeed admires Goble’s attention to detail: Kate sports her sapphire engagement ring, the Queen her signature pearls, and Camilla her never-changing, ever-present blond bangs. But the lack of bone structure renders everyone a bit of a blob. Limits of the medium aside, the Windsors must appreciate the close-knit portrayal of the family. (via The Telegraph)

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