It’s Friiiiday: Let the Rebecca Black Media Blitz Begin

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Rebecca Black made her first TV appearance Friday.


The power of the Internet thrust the 13-year-old into the spotlight. So it’s only appropriate that her first interview appears on – you guessed it – Friday.

It’s Friday afternoon – newly-minted pop sensation Rebecca Black is most likely getting ready for this weekend’s fun, fun, fun, fun. But this morning, she put aside her all-important weekend planning to give her first interview since her music video went viral.  Speaking to Good Morning America, she sounded off about her instant stardom, explaining that her haters haven’t made much of an impact on her.

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ABC reporter Andrea Canning read off some choice comments to Black, most of which the 13-year-old promptly laughed off. She appears proud of her viral sensation, though it’s hard, especially for a middle-school student, to not to be bothered by death threats. She proved her pipes weren’t completely auto-tuned in “Friday” by dropping a few decent bars of “The Star Spangled Banner,” though she takes her fame with a dose of humility. “I don’t think I’m the worst singer, but I don’t think I’m the best singer,” Black said.

How far will her stardom stretch? Will she be just another shooting star in the online ether, quick to burn out, or does she have potential to become the next tween star à la Justin Bieber (who she hopes to perform a duet with)? This choice is up to you, Internet. If the buzz continues, we’ll inevitably see more of Rebecca Black.

In just a week, her song seems to have become a de facto anthem for Fridays. As for Black’s burning question she poses in the song: Which seat will she take? Evidently a front-row one to stardom, whether you like it or not.

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