Reading While Eating for March 18: Walk a Tightrope or Walk in Super Mario’s Shoes

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Bucknell University's Mike Muscala (2nd L) fights for a rebound with University of Connecticut's Alex Oriakhi (C) and Roscoe Smith (2nd R) during the first half of the second round NCAA men's basketball championship game in Washington, March 17, 2011.


Friday’s links include a criminal ice cream truck and lots of movie titles.

Ice Cream Drug Truck: A New York ice cream truck operated as a prescription drug dealership, earning over $1 million last year. Did you think it could earn that much selling ice cream? (Yahoo News)

Everything, Will and Kate: Do you have Royal Wedding fever? You just might appreciate the top 10 souvenirs from the upcoming British matrimony.

Not for Export: Many Americans drank Guinness Stouts Thursday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Too bad, apparently the brew’s flavor doesn’t export well. (Discovery News)

Ultimate Spoiler: Need a crash course in movie titles? See this fast cut of movie characters saying the names of the films in which they star. (Daily What)

Viral Victory: If her millions of YouTube views hadn’t already cemented her stardom, Rebecca Black made her first TV appearance Friday morning on Good Morning America. (BuzzFeed)

Walk the Rope: Think you have nerves of steel? Could you make your way across a thin cord like one of these tightrope walkers? (LIFE)

Must See: After watching Mario jump, swim and get bopped on the head enough times, why don’t you try walking in his shoes? (YouTube Trends)