‘Raise Your Glass’ for Purim: Maccabeats Rock Out on the Jewish Holiday

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Saturday night, Jews will drink until they cannot tell the difference between “the cursed and the blessed” to celebrate Purim.

Get your gragger ready, because NewsFeed’s found a catchy tune to go along with holiday revelry. Celebrate this weekend with an acapella tribute to the story of Esther, Mordachai and Haman. If this Yeshiva University a capella group looks familiar, it’s because The Maccabeats rose to viral stardom in December, with their YouTube hit “Candlelight,” set to Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” to celebrate Hanukkah.

If Rebecca Black has taught us anything, it’s that production alone does not make a great video. But these guys have well-thought out lyrics to boot. L’Chaim!

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