Facebook Flub: Man Charged with Polygamy After Posting Second Wedding Photo Online

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Jason Alden / Bloomberg / Getty Images

You’ll never believe who turned him in: his first wife – because the two were still married.

Here’s a tip we never thought we’d have to share: If you’re already married, don’t post pictures of your new wife on Facebook.

An already-married Grand Rapids, Mich. man had what NewsFeed can only assume was a joyous wedding ceremony last July. But it turns out Richard Barton, Jr. already had a wife, whom he married in 2004.

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When photos of Barton and his new Michigan wife turned up on Facebook, his old (but still current) wife, living in Rhode Island, took issue with Barton. She alerted authorities, who arrested Barton for polygamy.

The saga started in 2004 when Barton married the R.I. woman. Months later, Barton mysteriously failed to return home one evening, leaving his wife clueless as to his whereabouts. He was behind bars and not to return home, well, ever.

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It appears that post-release, he fled to Michigan and started anew, though he failed to divorce his R.I. wife. She was clued in to the new wife when Barton defriended her on Facebook. Barton now faces polygamy charges, which carry a four-year jail sentence.

We predict Barton will soon go from having two wives – to zero.