Burrito Backfire: Man Starts Shooting After an Increase in Taco Bell Prices

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REUTERS/Keith Bedford

While no one exactly enjoys price increases, one San Antonio man took a 50-cent hike on Taco Bell burritos a little too hard.

The drive-thru customer flew into a “taco rage” after learning that Taco Bell’s special on Beefy Crunch Burritos had ended and they were no longer selling for 99 cents each–they were now priced at $1.49 each. The man responded by firing into the drive-thru window at the fast food restaurant. While it was a BB gun that he fired, he had a semi-automatic rifle and a pistol on him as well.

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What’s even more scary is that those BB shots (which luckily didn’t hurt anyone) weren’t enough to subdue the man’s rage as he opened fire at police cars as officers responded to the Taco Bell manager’s call for help.

After a SWAT team stand-off, a barricaded motel room and some tear gas, the man was taken into custody and was originally to be charged with attempted capital murder but will instead be charged with “two felony counts of aggravated assault,” which has a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail.

While NewsFeed anyone responding with violence, we are surprised that it was this and not Taco Bell’s allegedly tiny percentage of real meat, that sent someone into a rage. (via Reuters)