Underground Spots No Longer: Yelp Now Considers ‘Hipster’ an Ambiance

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Patrons drink at the bar at Freemans, a restaurant located at the end of Freeman Alley in New York. Freemans has been deemed "hipster" by Yelp users.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Looking for a place where you can drink your PBR in the company of your like-minded-and-dressed friends? Yelp can help.

Under its ambiance category, online review website Yelp added a “hipster” to its drop down menu of ambiance options. Among “romantic,” “trendy,” “intimate,” “dive-y,” “casual,” “classy” and “touristy,” users can now select “hipster” as a desired atmosphere. Or if you’re like NewsFeed, you can use the new option to eliminate the hipster-esque locations you wish to avoid.

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As reported by the New York Post, some restaurants and bars have already been deemed “hipster,” including Freemans in New York’s Lower East Side and Weather Up and Roberta’s in Brooklyn.

But in reality this is probably a useless option. By the time a restaurant or bar is rated “hipster” on Yelp, the hipsters have probably already deemed it too mainstream and stopped going. (via New York Post)

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