Viral Video: Is Julian Assange the Worst Houseguest Ever?

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Just when Julian Assange thought that his year couldn’t get any worse, news emerges that he does not play well with others.

In what NewsFeed would like to think is a true account, former Colbert Report head writer Allison Silverman has recreated via video and audio the recent story of Mr. WikiLeaks himself, Julian Assange, and how he left a lot to be desired while he was a houseguest.

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Some of Silverman’s friends knew Assange and graciously put him up for a couple of days. Well, that’s how long they thought it would be. Apparently, it turns out that Assange was rather high maintenance.

Here are the main headlines: Assange took up the whole couch! He ate all the leftovers! He allegedly brought a woman back! (We’re definitely throwing in an allegedly about this one.) He filled up a laptop’s hard drive with a random series of numbers! He was in no hurry to leave, supposedly saying “I’ll take care of it”! And, worst of all, he brought in rotten fruit!

We don’t know about you, but all of a sudden, NewsFeed is feeling way better about our personal hygiene habits. (via Splitsider)

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