Male Ego Check: Map Rates Countries By Average Penis Size

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Of all the pieces of information that NewsFeed has ever given you, this might get you the most, um, riled up.

A new map of the world started circulating on the web earlier this week, but it doesn’t measure alcohol intake, earthquake hot zones or why your state sucks or doesn’t suck. No, this map gets a lot more personal.

This colorful cartogram gives us a view of the world from another perspective: average penis size.

Now how, might you wonder, did the makers of this map get this incredibly useful and scientific information? NewsFeed was hoping that it wasn’t from personal experience, so we decided to investigate. The map was built using Target Maps, and the data appears to stem from an online chart, which was put together by both self-reported (ahem, over-exaggerated) and measured data sources.

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While NewsFeed is skeptical on how truthful or worthwhile this map is, we’re sure you’re wondering which countries ranked as the most endowed. Well, here’s your answer:

  1. Congo at 7.1 inches
  2. Ecuador at 6.9 inches
  3. Ghana at 6.7 inches
  4. Colombia at 6.7 inches
  5. Venezuela at 6.7 inches

It’s also interesting to note that the United States ranks somewhere in the lower-middle, along with many of our European relatives, while Cambodia, Thailand, India and Burma take their places at the bottom. Hey, we don’t make the news, we just deliver. Feel free to debate. (via Good Men Project)