What Outburst?: GMA Would ‘Love’ To Have Chris Brown Back on the Show

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Seriously, what is it with Chris Brown? Even after he acts terribly, he still bounces back.

While appearing on Good Morning America on Tuesday, Brown reacted coldly to Robin Roberts’ questions about Rihanna, changing the subject to his new album’s release. Brown’s assault on his then-girlfriend was a horrific incident that he’s apologized for, though as outlined by New York Magazine, his apologies haven’t been viewed as sincere.

Still he shouldn’t have been surprised by the questions–producers reportedly alerted him about the line of questioning. However, after the segment finished taping, Brown allegedly “stormed off set Tuesday, threw a cooler and… broke a window because he was so angry”.

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Well, you’d think such an outburst would thwart any chances Brown had at solidifying a comeback, not to mention ensuring that the media would avoid further interviews.

Not exactly. Roberts has said that she’d gladly welcome Brown back to GMA, saying, “We extended the invitation to him [to come back], and sure hope he takes us up on it because I’d sure love to have another chat with him.”

So either the reports of Brown’s outbursts are exaggerated or–more likely–GMA has a strong faith in their security. (via Hollywood Reporter)