Would Man-Specific Aisles Mean More Male Shopaholics?

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Would men browse more if beauty aisles were gender divided?

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Everyone knows men hate browsing beauty aisles, right? What if beauty aisles were tailored towards the less-fair sex? Perhaps men wouldn’t mind lingering just a bit longer.

That’s what Proctor & Gamble is banking on anyway, with the male-only aisles — full of men’s grooming products — that they’ve been testing in stores. Though aisles were once grouped by product, not gender, the ladies’ beauty products would now also have their own separate aisle because men and women behave differently in stores.

“Men are buyers and not shoppers,” said P&G’s general manager of male grooming, Thom Lachman. “They want to get the shopping done.”

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The idea behind this separation seems to be based on the idea that men are freaked out by women’s products, and are therefore less likely to spend time perusing items. And not having to navigate their way through scary and foreign items (pink razors! tampons! eek!) must be such a relief to men, they’re inspired to explore and discover new things. Man things.

Extra bonus: they can also ditch their lady friends while they’re browsing. “Neither [sex] likes to shop for personal grooming items with the other one right on top of them,” said Lachman.

What’s sad is that despite all of our mocking, NewsFeed can actually see this working. (via Boston Globe)

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