A Swimsuit that Can’t Get Wet? That’s Herve Leger

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Herve Leger

Bathing suit season is almost upon us — thankfully NewsFeed has a little more time to get into shape — but already the wild swimwear is hitting stores. And this one from Herve Leger takes the prize for most ridiculous.

One would think that the terms swimsuit or bathing suit would make it obvious that this garment would be worn in the water. But apparently, the high-end designers from Herve Leger didn’t get that memo.

And no wonder. Known for their showstopping fashion and curvaceous, skin-tight garments, Herve Leger is worn by people who love to be seen. Just ask Lindsay Lohan. Unfortunately, swimsuits are most often worn to be used. You know, for swimming and other water-friendly activities.

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On Thursday, e-retailer Net-a-Porter.com, which stocks the bright violet and orange suit, posted this notice for buyers: “To get the best from your Herve Leger beachwear we advise you do not wear it in water.” However, on Friday this telltale sentence was taken down.

But if NewsFeed were to buy this suit, we certainly wouldn’t take any chances. Even if we could squeeze into it, at a price of $1,050, we wouldn’t go anywhere near the water, let alone in it. (via Racked)

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