No Quack Job: Aflac Looks for New Duck Voice

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After the company canned Gilbert Gottfried for insensitive tweets about Japan, Aflac hopes to get its voice back.

Through a series of casting calls and interviews, the insurance company is looking for America’s best quacker. But before the applications come flooding in for what should be the world’s easiest job app (aside from the 72-character application needed to be Charlie Sheen’s intern, of course), Aflac has laid out a rather detailed list of requirements.

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They’re seeking a new quack for the iconic duck, yes, but the winning applicant must be able to translate the onomatopoeic sound into a veritable message. They say they’re looking for the quacker who can explain “Aflac is the insurance company that they can count on in their time of need” – using no words at all.

To find the next voice, they’re holding live casting (quacking?) calls in six cities across the U.S. and are also accepting your uploaded quacks in mp3 format.

But the job requirements might trip up even the most expressive duck emulator. The company wants a bilingual quacker, presumably for their Spanish market. And slyly added into the job description, to avoid history repeating itself: a candidate that “behaves ethically.”

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