Chinese City Names and Shames the Badly Behaved in Local Paper

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Do you jaywalk? Litter? Run red lights? Prepare to be shamed if you’re in the city of Wuhan.

The local government, fed up with the behavior of its citizens, turned to the press for help, and since March 19 they have publicly revealed offenders in the pages of the local paper.

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Thus far the Wuhan Evening News released a list of 40 offenders in four categories: red light runners, careless parkers, jaywalkers and litterbugs. Traffic rule violators have their license-plate numbers listed along with the time and location of the offense, and the litterbugs also have their ages and punishment received listed. Aside from the jaywalkers, all are named.

But don’t think the jaywalkers got off easy — their photographs are featured prominently on the front page alongside the headline “City Reveals First Group of ‘Uncivilized Residents.’”

Yan Hong, head of the Wuhan Civilization Office, told Xinhua on Wednesday there would be fresh lists each week, and possibly new categories. Next time, the lists could include “carelessly dumping sediment,” “throwing things from high places” or any number of other inconsiderate activities.

First the “human flesh” searches and now this? NewsFeed wonders if folks are crossing a few too many lines here. (via WSJ)

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