How Old is Over the Hill? For Ladies, It’s Younger Than 30

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Sadly, she actually feels older than he does.

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Sure, age is nothing but a number, and how old you feel is all about your frame of mind. But according to a new study, women’s frames of mind seem to skew a bit older than men’s.

The study, which was conducted by a British funeral business, found that on average, men start to feel old at age 58. Unfortunately, women start to feel older far earlier — around age 29. Which is more than a little depressing.

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According to the study, a quarter of women started to feel old when they noticed their first gray hairs and half felt old when their “assets” started to droop. Men on the other hand, seem to feel young and vital until they could “no longer perform in the bedroom.”

It’s not surprising that women feel older at a younger age than men, given society’s expectations of and pressures on women. And while NewsFeed doesn’t think there is anything wrong with being old — we personally can’t wait to retire and/or wear slippers all day long — we still find it sad that women are feeling “over the hill” so early. Before you’re 30, ladies? Really? Perhaps it’s time to cut yourselves some slack, à la the men of the world. (via The Hairpin)

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