Music Monday: Watch The Dodos’ Video for ‘Black Night’

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The Dodos perform at the 2011 South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas


In this weekly music series here on NewsFeed, we will highlight new songs, albums or videos that we think you should hear. Most of the selections will be recent releases, but we may occasionally reach back into music history if there’s something particularly noteworthy we’d like to highlight. (Though we probably won’t go as far back as this 1860 recording of a woman singing “Au Clair de la Lune,” unless someone AutoTunes her first.)

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For our first musical selection we bring you:  The Dodos.

The Dodos are a San Francisco band currently with two members, Meric Long and Logan Kroeber. The folk duo formed in 2005 and have built a fan base the traditional way: with a self-released album, extensive touring, a small release on a minor record label, more touring, another release, even more touring and now (finally!) an album that debuted at #70 on the Billboard 200.  Oh, and more touring.

I first heard the Dodos back in 2008, when a friend sent me a link to their song “Fools.” I was drawn to the band’s jangly, clattering percussion and immediately downloaded the album on which the song appeared, Visiter. Their 2009 follow-up album Time to Die didn’t disappoint either, so of course I was excited to learn about their latest effort, No Color, which came out on March 15. Yes, it’s true that Neko Case sings back-up vocals on much of the record, but to be honest she’s not that noticeable. Last Friday the Dodos released No Color‘s first music video, for a song called “Black Night.” The black-and-white video features a bizarre bare-fisted fighting match between an old man and a kid in a painted mustache. Kroeber’s African-inspired percussion is in full effect on this song and I’m happy to use it to kick-off NewsFeed’s first Music Monday.


Like what you hear? Then check out the Dodos’ 2011 tour dates here.

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