Royal Wedding Cakes Face Off: Fruitcake Versus Cookie Cake

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Fruitcake, a traditional Christmas staple, is unveiled as Prince William's and Kate Middleton's wedding cake

Susan Biddle / The Washington Post / Getty Images

Don’t be too jealous you’re not attending the royal wedding. They’re serving fruitcake.

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The royal couple’s wedding cake will be a “multi-tiered, traditional fruitcake” baked by English baker Fiona Cairns. After sampling several different types, the royal couple decided to make each tier of the brandy-flavored fruitcake consist of a different theme. The whole concoction will take, well, four weeks to mature.

By special request, Prince William also asked for a chocolate-cookie cake in addition to traditional fruitcake.  The cake is quite a departure from his bride-to-be’s selection, a quite regal fruitcake. Guests will have a choice between the two at the Buckingham Palace reception post-nuptials – though we can predict already which cake will prove the biggest hit.

That’s because we’re drooling over these stats: Will’s cookie cake, to be constructed by famed British biscuit maker McVitie’s, is made from 37 pounds (17 kg) of chocolate and 1,700 of the company’s buttery Rich Tea cookies. It’s big enough for all 600 guests to have a taste. But most importantly, the cookie cake makes Kate’s traditional fruitcake sound rather boring. There will be plenty pomp and circumstance present at the ceremony – we’re pleased the prince went with comfort food instead.

Maybe if there is not enough cake to go around, guests can solace themselves afterwards by stopping at a Dunkin’ Donuts. — by Nick Carbone and Erica Ho

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