Birther Backlash: Turns Out, Donald Trump’s ‘Birth Certificate’ Isn’t Legitimate

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You know what they say about karma, Donald.

After making a to-do about President Obama’s so-called failure to produce a valid birth certificate (really? still?), Donald Trump graciously went out of his way to put everyone’s mind at ease by producing his own.

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However, Politico is reporting that the document Trump has produced isn’t an official document, merely a hospital “certificate of birth.” Whoops!  An official birth certificate can only be issued by the Department of Health, reports Politico, and “would have the agency’s seal and also a signature of the city registrar – neither of which the Trump document has.”

The document Trump produced reads “Jamaica Hospital” at the top and the date of birth of a Donald Trump. It’s possible the document is from the Jamaica Hospital in Queens, but who can know for sure? He doesn’t have the official document in his hands.

Sure, Trump’s birthplace may be somewhat of a mystery. But NewsFeed doesn’t think we’ll ever answer the true, years-old question — what, exactly, is up with the hair?  (via Politico)

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