Charlie Brown’s Existential Despair: 3eanuts Goes the Way of Garfield Minus Garfield

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What would Peanuts be like without its closing joke?

A few years ago, a web comic named Dan Walsh removed Garfield from the Garfield comic strip to create the “existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle.” It is hilarious and almost haunting to see Jon battle boredom, contemplate buying a monkey, question his surroundings and talk to absolutely no one.

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Now, a similar comic adaptation, 3eanuts, has been made with the classic Peanuts strip. The regular four panels have been sheared to three, leaving Charlie, Lucy, Linus and the rest of the gang in a strange limbo, where Charlie awakes in the middle of the night with no resolution, Snoopy berates Woodstock for asking a stupid question and Lucy muses on an eerie rake and burning pile.

While not as hilarious as the purgatory Jon Arbuckle seems to be going through, it’s definitely worth checking out if just to see Charlie Brown’s inconclusive befuddlement over why he’s too tired to cry.

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