Puppy Overload: Chinese Man Cares For More Than 140 Dogs in His Home

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We all know at least one cat lady. Now, meet a dog man.

While most of us feel like we’ve done our duty by adopting one or two animals from the shelter, Li Zongwen has adopted more than 140 stray dogs since 2009. They all live with the 59-year-old former chef in his home in Wuhan, China. No word if he managed to house train all the dogs, but we’re assuming probably not.

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The cost to feed all these hungry puppies? Li has to cough up about 5000 Chinese yuan or $763 a month to cover rent and food. The dogs food is hand mixed with a shovel in a gigantic, kiddie pool-sized bowl and then transfered into wooden troughs. Fortunately for Li, other animal lovers help fund his dog shelter.

But Li isn’t the only person with a house full of pets — he’s still got a long way to go before he beats Ha Wenjin, who has adopted over 1,500 stray dogs and 200 cats over the years.

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