Rebecca Black Passes Justin Bieber as Most ‘Disliked’ on YouTube

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Rebecca Black has admitted to having Bieber Fever, but now if the two pop singers ever do meet, they’ll have something to commiserate about — being the most disliked stars on YouTube.

Both Black and Bieber have that irritating ability to create tween pop that gets stuck in your head for days. You know not just on Friday, but also on the next day, Saturday, and Sunday, which comes afterwards. (Oh and Thursday comes before Friday, in case you were wondering.)

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Maybe this is why the Biebs and Black have received the most “dislikes” of any videos on YouTube — users just can’t get those catchy beats out of their heads, and it’s driving them crazy. On Tuesday, NewsFeed’s favorite “Friday” singer surpassed Justin to earn the most dislikes for her video, with more than 1.2 million thumbs down as of this posting. Coming in as a close second, Biebs’ video for “Baby” (check it out below) has earned 1.17 million dislikes in its lifespan, which we have to point out is much longer than Rebecca’s car-riding, cereal-choosing video has been circulating the web.

But, if it’s any concession — and in the online world, it certainly is — Justin still holds the record for the most overall dislikes of any artist on YouTube. In fact, five of the teen sensation’s music videos are included in the top (or should we say bottom?) 10 most disliked videos, proving that not even dreamy brown eyes, slick dance moves or an appearance by Usher can withstand the wrath of YouTube. (via Urlesque)

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