U.S. Airways Plane Struck By Bullet on Landing

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The FBI has launched an investigation after a bullet hole — and later a bullet — was found on a U.S. Airways plane flying from Philadelphia to Charlotte.

The U.S. Airways jet landed safely in Charlotte, but as a pilot conducted a pre-flight check before the plane was to take off again, he found a bullet hole on the left side of the aircraft near the tail. Reports differed on whether the hole extended into the cabin of the plane, but the Philadelphia Inquirer and a local television station reported that the bullet was indeed found intact inside the jet. An unidentified source told the T.V. station that it was possibly fired by a .40-caliber rifle as the plane landed in Charlotte.

No problems were reported during the flight, and the jet was taken out of service. Some sources have said that terrorism was ruled out after a review of security footage.

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