Royal Wedding Ice Cream Cake: Baskin Robbins’ Sugary Ode to Will and Kate

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Photo courtesy of Baskin Robbins

It’s a cake fit for a queen, but Baskin Robbins thinks you’ll enjoy it too.

Not to be outdone by their sister chain Dunkin’ Donuts, who recently unveiled a frosted heart-shaped royal wedding doughnut, Baskin Robbins has cooked up a limited edition ice cream cake to commemorate the royal wedding.  “The cake is reminiscent of an English Garden and is inspired by the colorful gardens of the Cotswolds,” a spokeswoman from Baskin Robbins told NewsFeed in an email. “This royal wedding cake is the perfect, affordable way to get into the spirit of this special day.”

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While Kate Middleton chows down on her multi-tier fruit cake, Baskin Robbins customers can spend April 29 digging into a six-inch, single tier ice cream cake ($19.99) filled with chocolate “royal” mousse ice cream and lined with 30 piped white and blue English roses. (It’s meant to resemble a basket filled with flowers, but we think it looks like one of those crazy hats posh people wear to the race tracks or regattas.) A two-tiered version (pictured) includes a nine-inch cake base, and will retail for a higher, to-be-determined price. Participating franchises will carry the cakes from early April until the end of May.