Sorry, Seniors: College Admission Rates Are Down This Year

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Waiting is the hard part.

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NewsFeed is sure there are plenty of high school seniors already sweating over the arrival of their college acceptance letters (or lack thereof), without us adding this disappointing news: Ivy League admission rates are way down this year. 

Student newspapers at Cornell, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Dartmouth, Brown, Princeton and Harvard are all reporting that as application rates have soared, admission rates have dropped.

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While some of the school’s admission rates don’t seem too bad — Cornell’s accepted 18% of this year’s applicants — many of the Ivies have turned away more than 90% of those who applied. Harvard and Columbia have the most daunting numbers, with 6.2 and 6.4 respective admission rates.

The Atlantic Wire has rounded up what most of the school’s have been saying about the acceptance rates and (unsurprisingly) school officials are putting a positive spin on what the low numbers mean: they simply received far more outstanding applications this year.

Which, of course, is an extra ego boost for those who are lucky enough to get that acceptance letter. But for those who don’t make the cut, well, there’s not much anyone can say to ease the disappointment of not getting into your first choice school. On that note, good luck!

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