Hulu’s April Fools’ Joke: Pranking Like It’s 1995

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Head to Hulu, that wondrous trove of television, and you will find yourself transported back in technological time.

It’s an April Fools’ reminder of just how good our online lives are these days: The photos are gritty, the effects choppy, the links ugly and the load times slow. You can almost hear the noise of that dial-up modem — you remember, that sound like R2D2 is getting eaten by a fax machine, which you had to sit through for 30 seconds before getting connected to the outside world.

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Even more impressive than the style is the 90s-era content. 30 Rock is replaced by Kids in the Hall, Dexter by Murder One. Memories of Phil Hartman and oversized blazers come flooding back amidst the tacky glory of the decade when the world learned how to use the Web. The only thing missing is a box where surfers can get into an AOL chat room and lie about their looks and age. Excellent throwback, Hulu. Your prank is off the chain.