Mega Million Lotto Winner Got His Ticket Because Someone Cut In Line

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Patience is a virtue — at least that’s what one man will have etched in his mind after cutting in line to grab a lottery ticket before another customer. He lost out on $319 million.

Instead, seven New York State government workers in Albany won big-time last Friday with the Mega Millions pot at it’s fifth-highest.

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Now it’s true that if some guy hadn’t cut the line, Mike Barth and his six-co-workers would have missed out on buying the winning ticket. But NewsFeed thinks some of the other news outlets are forgetting about another factor here. The Snickers bar!

If Barth hadn’t grabbed that bar of delicious peanut nougat, roasted peanuts and caramel, enrobed in milk chocolate, there wouldn’t have been time for the other guy to cut in. It’s a little like he found the golden ticket.


Barth and his colleagues at the New York state Division of Housing and Community Renewal will collect a check for $19.1 million, after taxes. This might just justify NewsFeed’s chocolate addiction.