What Recession? Russian Billionaire Drops $100 Million on California Mansion

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And here’s the kicker: the new owner has no immediate plans to move in.

The $100 million price tag marks the most expensive single-family home ever sold in the United States. Yuri Milner’s new mansion stands in Los Altos Hills, Calif., in Silicon Valley, a 25,500-square-foot monster with every amenity fathomable. In fact, the French-inspired chateau sounds more like a hotel when listed on paper: just a few of its features are a ballroom, wine cellar, two pools and a tennis court.

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But don’t go moving the troops in just yet. For the immense square footage, there are only five bedrooms. The 49-year-old Milner accrued his fortune thanks to some well-timed investments, like his $200 million stake in Facebook that has since exploded to $10 billion.

He lives in Moscow with his family, with no plans to move anytime soon, according to his spokesman. You know, Mr. Milner, NewsFeed would be happy to keep the place warm for you until you head stateside.

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