The Opposite of Winning: Charlie Sheen Booed During Detroit Tour

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Carlos Osorio / AP

End of the line for Charlie Harper

Blame it on the warlocks.

Charlie Sheen kicked off his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour in Detroit Saturday night to a slew of walkouts and boos. Have the oft-quoted catchphrases from the past weeks have reached their sell-by date?

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Critics blamed the bomb on the lack of Sheen in the flesh. The 70-minute show featured abundant video montages and hastily prepared skits. He dropped his signature catchphrases as often as he could, throughout his jokes, rants and Q&A session with the crowd. But some didn’t get the Sheen they paid for. When an audience member booed, Sheen retorted, “I’ve already got your money, dude.”

The Fox Theatre in Detroit filled all 5,100 seats for Sheen’s tour. Needless to say quite a few were vacated before the end of the show. Frankly, NewsFeed is impressed anyone could sit through the bombardment of Sheen-isms. Is this the beginning of #losing?

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