Charlie’s Comeback? In Second Tour Appearance, Sheen Starts #Winning

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Charlie Sheen waves to fans as he leaves the Chicago Theatre, Sunday, April 3, 2011

Brian Kersey / AP

Charlie Sheen might really be taking his “Defeat Is Not an Option” tour name to heart.

The embattled actor rallied for his second appearance in the “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour in Chicago Sunday night. In doing so, he demonstrated to fans and critics that he may still understand the meaning of #winning, despite bombing opening night in Detroit.

The audience in Detroit subjected Sheen himself to something of a Violent Torpedo of Truth as they booed, jeered and even walked out of the venue on Saturday night. But in a rare effort to self-improve, Sheen made changes to his show that resulted in a standing ovation at the Chicago Theatre on Sunday.

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Replacing long video montages and skits that garnered criticism in Detroit, Sheen used a talk show format in Chicago, giving him ample opportunity to employ the Sheen-isms that elevated him to fame in the first place. The interview style proved successful: all 3600 audience members stayed in their $80 seats, some of them chanting “Detroit sucks” throughout the night.

As Sheen said during his Sunday night performance, “The winning started in Chicago.” But will he be able to continue the streak?

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