Princesses-in-Training: Boot Camp Gives Little Girls The Kate Middleton Treatment

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Every little girl dreams of being a princess: the crown, the prince, the manners. 

A London hotel hosted a one-day “Princess Prep,” where little girls could feel like a real-life princess for a day — by learning the requisite royal etiquette. Activities included learning how to drink tea properly, curtsying to a woman with a cut-out Queen mask on (hilarious!) and walking gracefully while balancing a book on your head. You know, the useful stuff.

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The founder of the training course, Jerramy Fine, told the Associated Press that she was inspired to create the lessons based on her own childhood desires.  “I wanted to create something ladylike that I would have liked,” she said.


Don’t get us wrong, manners and etiquette are great, and this course would probably be useful to someone about to marry into the Royal Family (if they still needed it by that point), but how are these little girls not bored out of their skulls?

Then again, once upon a time, NewsFeed was a lot like the little girl on the left at 1:55–we, too, would have been balancing the book on our face and totally not paying attention. (via AP)

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