Barefoot for a Cause: One Day Without Shoes

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Christoph Hetzmannseder / Getty Images

Can you imagine a life where going barefoot wasn’t an option, it was the only way?

While most of us are fortunate enough to have shoes to coordinate with almost every outfit — and stylish ones at that — for millions of children around the world, shoes are a bare necessity that is seldom granted. In developing countries, many children never own a pair of new shoes. They walk miles on mud, dirt and rocks to go to school, get water or seek medical attention, putting themselves at risk for preventable diseases and infections.

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But American Blake Mycoskie is trying to change that. After witnessing this harsh reality first-hand on a biking expedition in Argentina, Mycoskie founded TOMS Shoes, which promises to give one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair that’s purchased.

With more than 1 million shoes distributed to date, it’s safe to say that TOMS’ mission is on its way to being realized, yet there is still work to be done.

Today is TOMS annual event, “One Day Without Shoes,” an effort aimed at raising awareness for those who don’t have any choice but to go barefoot by asking us to go barefoot ourselves. Whether it be for one hour or the whole day, Mycoskie and the TOMS team are asking us to stand in someone else’s (lack of) shoes for a change.

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While NewsFeed can’t promise that we’ll brave public transport without shoes on our feet (we wouldn’t want to be attacked by a subway rat, after all), we have kicked off our shoes underneath our desks, and maybe placed an order for a pair of TOMS on our lunch break. (via AOL News)