Hot Wheels Billboard in Colombia: Play Time!

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Hot Wheels billboard

Image via Comunicadores

As long as it doesn’t cause any accidents, this lifesize replica of a Hot Wheels race track is totally awesome!

Imagine driving down the highway and seeing a boring old overpass. Now imagine driving down the highway and seeing that boring overpass transformed to look like a giant loop that’s part of a Hot Wheels race track. Yes, your childhood fantasies of making the world your playground were brought to life by ad agency giant Ogilvy & Mather’s Colombia branch. The billboard was recently erected on a highway in Bogota and has been making its rounds on advertising blogs.

It’s unclear why this genius idea has only been implemented in South America — NewsFeed guesses there are some who might call this a dangerous distraction — but you’ve won our nostalgic hearts over, Ogilvy & Mather. At least there isn’t a flashing neon light with the toy company’s slogan “Beat that!” flashing too. And this race track loop is certainly not as distracting (or creepy) as this or this. (via Comunicadores)

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