Kate Middleton and Prince William Split Up — On A Poorly Thought-Out Stamp, Anyway

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A Royal Wedding stamp from the tiny Pacific island of Niue is seen in this handout photo obtained by Reuters on April 5, 2011. The stamp was officially released in New Zealand and features Britain's Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton with a perforated line down the center to separate them to become individual stamps. Prince William and his long-term girlfriend Middleton will marry at London's Westminster Abbey on April 29. REUTERS/New Zealand Post/Handout

If it weren’t for that perforated line, it might actually channel romance.

As it stands, however, the commemorative royal wedding stamp issued by the New Zealand Post Office for the Pacific island of Niue is kind of insulting. Comprised of two individual stamps, customers must tear William and Kate apart if they want to mail a letter. And to make matters worse, Prince William’s stamp is worth 75 cents more than his future wife’s. So much for husband and wife being equals.

Hugh Jefferies, the editor of Gibbons Stamp Monthly, has called the stamp an embarassment.”Whoever designed this will have egg on their face and someone’s head will roll…I’m sure they didn’t mean to ominously suggest the couple could be easily separated, it’s just a very bizarre design.” (via the Telegraph)

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