Reading While Eating for April 5: Athletic Aspirations

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China's Tianjin Teda Luciano Esteban Olguin (R) tussles for the ball against Australia's Melbourne Victory Matthew Foschini during an AFC Champions League group E match in Tianjin on April 5, 2011

Getty Images / STR/AFP

From bovine-back riding to Barack basketball, today’s links appeal to the sportsman in all of us.

Bull Headed: Every little girl wants a pony. Check out this German teenager who settled for the next best thing: a show-jumping cow. (SkyNews)

Youth Summit: Take inspiration from this boy who wanted to see the Snows of Kilimanjaro before they melt away. At 11, he’s one of the youngest to ever climb Mount Kilimanjaro. (AOL News)

Championship Criticism: The Butler Bulldogs have paid the price of fame. Read over the meanest comments about last night’s championship game. (The Atlantic)

Fake Out: Finding himself at the scene of a crime, a Mass. man used his prosthetic leg to trip a robber, which ultimately led to the criminal’s arrest. The quick-thinking hero originally intended to tackle the robber, but instead chose to simply show a little leg. (Yahoo News)

Commemorate the Prince and Kate: Cupcakes, candy dispensers, coins, and condoms! The Royal Couple’s faces appear all over London. Take a look at the various tchotchkes and decide for yourself which is the most ridiculous. (TIME)

His Wheels are Turning: 6-year-old Sam Pointon thought he’d be a good fit for Director of the National Railway Museum in York. “I have an electrick train track,” he wrote in his application. See the letter he sent to the museum to understand that Thomas the Tank engine only took him so far. (The Daily What)

Barack Shots: Never was the Presidential Fitness test so appropriately named. Marvel at Obama’s energy as he sports jerseys, shoots hoops and swings clubs. (LIFE)

Viral Video: Ever had the urge to act like an idiot when nobody’s watching? Upon finding himself in an empty metro train, this man decided to film himself screaming, “Waahhhh I’m actin’ like a fool on the Metro by myself!” Now everybody’s watching. (Urlesque)