‘The Governator’ is Back: Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns as a Cartoon Hero

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Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

Arnie had been keeping mum about what he’s going to do after his stint and governor of California. Until this Monday, when he announced on Twitter he’d be back – as crime-fighting, life-saving animated superhero the Governator.


It’s exactly what it looks like: the ultimate mashup of every action movie ever made — that stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. NewsFeed loves it.

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The Kindergarten Cop returns as one part Iron Man, one part Batman, and one part former California governor. But the Governator is no lone wolf like Bruce Wayne. His crime-fighting, life-saving ways will be supported by a team of whiz-kid recruits who operate out of a high-tech lair under his family mansion.

Set to debut next year, the TV series will also feature all sorts of nifty gadgets and storylines to keep any youngster (and not also the not-so-young) well entertained: remote-controlled motorcycles, sprays that help you speak other languages, laser-beam eyes, magic chewing-gum bubbles that change your face.

And with Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee at the creative helm, we’re expecting some serious magic.

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