The Price of Beauty: Kate Winslet Titanic Sketch Auctioned

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British actress Kate Winslet in a scene from the movie "Titanic"

Getty Images / Merie Wallace/AFP

A sketch of Kate Winslet that was used as a prop in the movie Titanic was auctioned off last weekend. Though the final selling price has not been released, the sketch was expected to fetch close to $16,000. The drawing features Winslet lying topless, wearing just a necklace. Film director James Cameron was the true artist, but the film portrays Winslet’s on-screen lover Leonardo DiCaprio completing the sketch at her request.

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Premiere Props, a movie memorabilia company, ran the auction with this piece as its cornerstone.

Sure, you could say spending that much cash on movie memorabilia is the equivalent to just throwing money away, but please recall that it was in Titanic that the necklace inspired by the Hope Diamond gets tossed overboard as a so-called romantic gesture. By contrast, a measly $16,000 doesn’t seem so bad. (via Moviefone)