Bacon-Scented Perfume? Sure, Why Not?

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Courtesy Fargginay

America is obsessed with bacon. There’s bacon chocolate, bacon salt, bacon popcorn, baconaise and yes, even BaconAir. The noses over at Fargginay, Inc. thought clearly the next step down the bacon-crazed path would be to smell like bacon and thus Bacon Perfume/Cologne was born.

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On one hand, crackling bacon is without a doubt one of the most glorious, nose-ticklingly delicious scents known to man, so this seems like a good idea. But on the other hand? You’d smell like meat.

Bacon Cologne (pronounced ba-cone) is an amalgamation of 11 essential oils, flowers, herbs and, of course, the essence of bacon. NewsFeed is pretty sure this wouldn’t actually make you smell strongly of bacon, but if rabid dogs and hungover college students start clamoring all over you to get a bite, don’t blame us.

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